Our Mission

"At Advantage Personnel, our mission is for everyone to possess a winning spirit. We are confident in our skills and abilities and expect our return to our client companies, applicants, and students to be among the highest, our operating performance to be among the best and our customer service to be unmatched."

Advantage Personnel was founded by Suzette Kleinpeter Freeman and the late Larry “Ted E” Freeman in 1985. Suzette continues to lead the company ensuring its foundation of integrity and excellence. Advantage Personnel's commitment to genuine and caring service remains strong and steadfast. The Freemans believed their business would withstand the test of time only if it was supported by a dedicated, confident team of exceptional people.  Today Advantage Personnel is stronger than ever, powered by a team of professionals focused on putting the right person in the right job.

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Our Staff

Suzette Kleinpeter Freeman, Owner, suzette@advantage-inc.com
Greg Kleinpeter, Operations Manager, greg@advantage-inc.com
Carrie Harper, Office Manager/Consultant, carrie@advantage-inc.com
Hope Reyes, Employment Consultant, hope@advantage-inc.com

Janet Berry, Federal Contracts Manager, janet@advantage-inc.com
Felisha Walker, Payroll Clerk, felisha@advantage-inc.com
Ann Cole, Administrative Assistant, ann@advantage-inc.com
Kayla Russo, Administrative Assistant, kayla@advantage-inc.com
Melinda Brown, Administrative Assistant, melinda@advantage-inc.com
Debbie Pendalber, Employment Consultant, debra@advantage-inc.com