The applicant works as an Advantage Personnel employee for a temporary period (a day, week, month, or more), freeing you of any payroll, workers’ compensation, unemployment, labor insurance and tax deposit costs.


Upon completion and notification of the accrued 520 temp-to-hire hours, the applicant is eligible to become your employee at no further cost. All accounting and payroll functions are covered while on Advantage Personnel payroll.

Direct Placement

Fee is based on a fixed percentage of the employee’s gross annual pay and is paid to Advantage Personnel. Monthly payments can be considered and discussed. The individual immediately becomes the client company’s employee.

Payroll Option

Should you find an employee and want to hire them on a trial basis, we offer a pay-rolling option that will free you of any accounting & payroll functions. The employee would work as an Advantage Personnel temporary employee during this time. This is not to be confused with a bookkeeping or pay-rolling service.