Resume Updating – $15.00
Q: Already have a resume but it’s several years out of date but the format is fine? Or have minor changes that need to be made?
A: We will add up to three previous employers to your resume in the format you are currently using and any additional education or certifications that you might have received since you last compiled your resume. This includes one hard copy. Resumes no longer than three pages.


Resume Format & Update – $20.00
Q: Have a resume that is out of date and needs to be formatted? Need several major changes made to your resume?
A: We will reformat and update your resume to your most current work history. We will add up to five previous employers to your resume and add any additional education or certifications that you might have received to your resume. This includes two hard copies. Resumes no longer than three pages.
Resume Trim Down – $25.00
Q: If you have a resume that is more than three pages long? Do you have every job listed on your resume going back more than 10 years or need help ?
A: We will trim down your work history to get your resume between 2-3 pages in length using only your most current and most RELEVANT work experience. This service does not include reformatting or updating.
New Resume – $50.00
Q: Do you not have a resume? Not quite sure how to start? Or do you feel the resume that you currently have isn’t working at all and you want to start over?
A: You bring us all of your work history and experience and we will create a stellar 2-3 page resume for you. Once the resume has been created we will allow two additional revisions included in the cost. Any additional revisions will be charged at an hourly rate of $25.00.

For more information about resume development, please contact Carrie Harper.