Where do I take the Advantage Personnel Skill Testing? It depends on your situation. Most of the time applicants can test from our office.  If you’re out of town or state, we email it.  However, if you are working and can’t make it into our office, you can take the test at home at your convenience.
Why should I complete the Advantage Personnel Skill Testing? Advantage Personnel offers testing in a variety of skills and programs to give you an edge in today’s competitive job market. Testing is an excellent way for us to assess your skills and align you with the best available job openings. Testing also provides employers an opportunity to verify your skills with their open position and can give you an edge in your initial interview.
Before the Test The important thing to remember before beginning your assessment is to allow yourself enough time to complete the assessment. Take your time and find a quiet place to test!
After the Test After your assessment is complete, you have the option of printing your scores or requesting them from your employment consultant. Scores are a way for your consultant to better advise you.